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What time is check in?


5 pm - 6:30 pm

Tues - Sun 

Anytime after 3pm

Due to the high turn over rate on our Monday we must have have all guests who are departing check out no later than 10am.  Which also includes no early check ins on Mondays, we must give our housekeeping staff ample time in order to accommodate your stay to the best of our ability.  We appreciate your patience as we prep your condo.

What time is check out?


10 am

Tues - Sun

11 am

Due to high demand of our resort we ask all of our guests who are departing to adhere to our time policies.  We have to accommodate our housekeeping staff and allow time for them to do their best work.

Do you have a laundry Service?


before 11 am

We offer a towel exchange to those guest here on Thursdays who have stayed more than 2 days.  Please place your towels to be exchanged on your front porch before 11:00 and we will replace them with clean ones!

How can I best use my week?


We are here to help you use your week to its highest potential.  Just ask us how.  Can't come on you designated time, no problem we have options for that.  What to try and explore another region?  We can help with that too.  Want to send a friend to McCall or give a week as a gift to a newly married couple?  We have a solution for that as well.

What is available for rent or In-House Exchange?


Understanding the timeshare industry is simple when you ask us to help.  We are a unique resort as we allow our owners to exchange their time among each other.  This is a moving target and we try our best to accommodate 1550 schedules.  Owners have up to 2 weeks before your time to tell us: Please Rent, Bank into the In-house exchange program (IHX) or I'm coming!  The earlier our Owners let us know the quicker we can place those guests wanting to come to the Aspen Timeshares.  Give us a call or book right here on our site if you want to rent more time. 

Do you allow pets?


We do not accommodate pets at our resort.  Please contact the office if you have a service animal.  Comfort animals do not qualify as service animals and as such cannot stay with you while residing as guests at our resort.

No Pets, No Smoking Policies:  All of the timeshare units are No Pets, No Smoking units.  There will be a $100 per animal, per day fine for non-compliance of either the NO PETS or the NO SMOKING policies.  In addition to the fine, immediate removal of the pet(s) from the premises will be required.  Additional cleaning fees may also be assessed for non-compliance with either the No Pets or the No Smoking policy.



I understand pets are not allowed.  I also understand that comfort/emotional support animals are not the same as service animals.  I understand that if I have a service animal it will be on a leash the entire visit at the Aspen Village and will never be left in the unit unattended.  If the service animal is found unattended in the unit, a $100 fine, per day of the registration will apply.  Neither the ADA nor Idaho Human Rights Law covers what some people call Emotional Support Animals. 

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